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Sparkling Sinks Attainable

July 20, 2016   |   Posted by: Admin

Sink Refinishing in Las Vegas

The sink is the center of your kitchen, it is used to prepare and clean everything in your home.  It is your source of water and a way to remove unwanted foodstuffs that are left over from your breakfast, lunch, or dinner and everything in between.  With your sink being so important it should be second nature for us to take great care of it, but it’s not.  The last thing anyone really wants to do is those left over stinky dishes from last night.  We all know that we should have done them last night but we find reasons to hold back and then they sit; the water they soak in becomes cold and eventually foul smelling and the food, which was originally something so delicious, decays and you are left with a bacteria infested stink bomb in the middle of your kitchen.  It destroys the flow of your whole home and that scent can reach you anywhere, there’s no hiding from it.

Unfortunately, I can offer you no miracle method.  You are still going to have to do the work yourself; whether you load the dishwasher or clean everything by hand – the work still must be done.  But perhaps if we do the work before it gets so terrible, we can maintain a happy kitchen and a beautiful home, starting with a sparkling sink.  There’s a lot of blogs out there about how to clean your sink, how to maintain and keep it beautiful and sparkling, I fully support people checking those out.  You have to find a method that works best for you.

From personal experience, I know what it means to look at that overflowing sink filled to the brim and beyond with dishes and bad food.  It’s never any fun but we all have to tackle it eventually and I have found the most effective way to do so, other than taking a blow torch to the whole thing and finding a new place to live, is to do it before it gets to that horrendous point.  ‘Of course, we know that!’ And I know you know that, it’s such a simple strategy and yet there are those of us who do not use it.  I say us, because I have been guilty of the same thing.  We all have our excuses and while they are more than likely valid they’re not really the point of this blog piece.

Sink Refinishing


If you can take ten to fifteen minutes at the end of your night to wash, dry, put away the dishes, and give your sink a quick wipe down you are going to be pleasantly surprised by how much better you feel the next day.  When your sink sparkles it provides a very pleasant experience first thing in the morning and that can set the trend for the rest of your day.  Knowing that when you enter your kitchen to make breakfast that you’re not going to have to clean anything in order to prepare or eat your morning sustenance is going to save you valuable time right off the bat.

Another benefit is that the condition of your sink is going to be easier to maintain.  Food which does not sit on the surface will not be able to leave a big ugly stain on your otherwise beautiful fixture.  Chips, scratches, and dings are a likely scenario in most any sink, but there are rinse racks and baskets that can help protect from these likely occurrences as well.  With these rinse basins or a rinse racks sitting in your sink; your dishes or the food you’re preparing are corralled and kept up off of the surface.   When it comes to actually cleaning, we tend to avoid abrasive cleaners.  Abrasive cleaners are mechanical cleaners; they physically scratch off the dirt and debris from the surface.  They can be effective but can cause damage to the look and feel of your sink’s surface.  Do not use steel wool, wire brushes, or abrasive pads as these things can damage, scratch, and dull the finish on your sink.  There are many non-abrasive cleaning products on the market and most have anti-microbial agents to disinfect.  There are different methods as well to fix water spots that are left of the surface, one is to just hand dry your sink after every use.  Another is to use a mineral oil (baby oil) and lightly coat the surface of your sink, it creates a seal and keeps water from just sitting on the surface and drying.

Note: It takes a very small amount of oil to create this effect, no need to go crazy.

If you have already experienced chips, dings, holes, cracks, dulled surface, or discoloration to your kitchen sink it’s not too late.  Tubby’s Tub & Tile Inc are experts when it comes to repairing surface damage to these types of fixtures.  We offer free estimates and really care about the happiness of our customers.  Give us a call today or click on the ‘contact us’ page and email us with any questions you have!  Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you!

Sink Refinishing