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Are you or a family member having trouble stepping in and out of the bathtub? We understand how concerning this can be whether it is an issue you are experiencing yourself or if it is affecting the life of a loved one. Instead of having to do a full remodel of a bathroom, please take a look at a cost-effective alternative. Installation of a Clean Cut Step is a simple three-step process. We will prep the tub, making sure the area is clean and masked off to catch debris and dust as the work is completed. With that completed, the tech will check the measurements and then cut out the area of the tub marked for the installation of the safety step. Finally, the tech will clean the area once more before installing the step into the tub. As a courtesy, our techs will also install a non-skid traction treatment to the bottom of the tub. This texture will help break up the water in the tub and aid in getting into and out of the newly converted tub.

There are a few options for you to choose from for your new clean cut conversion.
Clean Cut Installations
Clean Cut Step

With the clean cut step we can convert your tub into a walk in shower. This will add step-in and walk-through accessibility for your existing tub. We also have step solutions for a high profile tub as well.

Clean Cut Installations
Clean Cut Door

We can add the accessibility with the clean cut door but you’ll still be able to use your tub for baths. This option has a water tight door included with installation allowing you to walk in and out of the tub and still take a full bath.

Clean Cut Installations
Clean Cut Convertible

With the Clean Cut Convertible, you will be able to safely walk in and out of the tub and utilize you shower as you see fit. You can leave the insert out for a convenient shower or put it back in for a full bath.

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