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Tubby’s Refinishing Process

Surface refinishing is a proven process, in which worn out or damaged bathtubs, sinks, ceramic tile, fiberglass shower stalls, and even countertops are returned to a like new look and feel without the expensive cost of replacement.

Saving money and time are the primary reasons homeowners, as well as hotel and property managers, choose professional refinishing. Cost savings are as high as 80% over replacement, and the process usually takes only one day. Refinishing is the best option financially when compared to the total cost of tear out, plumbers, and tile setters, plus the time and mess involved with replacement. You can turn an outdated baby blue or dusty rose to white, almond, bone or any color to match your décor. Refinishing is a cost effective decorating alternative for those who want a total makeover look for their bathroom or kitchen without the total makeover cost and hassle!

Our refinishing process begins by preparing the fixture. All necessary silicone or latex caulk is meticulously removed. The tub is thoroughly cleaned using a specially formulated four-step cleaning process to remove dirt, soap scum, mineral deposits, body oils, and other contaminants that household cleaners cannot achieve. We have researched and have implemented this cleaning system as it is the best in the industry to prep fixtures for the reglazing process.(If the tub was refinished in the past, we may have to chemically remove the prior finish using a high power industrial stripper before we can apply our new finish.)

The next step is to repair any defects in the tub or fixture. We remove all rust, chips, gouges, scratches, pits or imperfections that have accumulated over the years using a specialized waterproof filler (not Bondo). The tub is then cleaned again using our next step industrial strength cleaner.

At this point, we carefully prepare the room using drop cloths and begin masking off the entire perimeter of the fixture. We use a high performance, 5-stage HVLP spraying system, which atomizes the coatings into an extra fine mist. Our equipment yields a beautiful finish, while creating very little over spray. When appropriate, we then seal off the doorway, and setup a high volume ventilation system with a flexible hose that directs the majority of the fumes to the outside of the house, if outside window is available. Any lingering fumes generally dissipate within a few hours of completion.

After masking is complete, the tub is then carefully inspected again for any remaining dust or debris. We then wipe down the fixture with a special adhesion promoter. We then apply our proprietary bonding agent, T55. The key to a good refinishing job is getting the new finish to stick to the old surface. T55, Tubby’s proprietary agent is applied to chemically “bond” the new finish onto the old surface. T55 is one of the key reasons Tubby’s has become Southern Nevada’s leading refinisher. It provides superior adhesion and greater durability. Unlike other refinishers, Tubby’s does not use corrosive acids to “etch the surface.” T55 eliminates the need for dangerous acids, while creating a superior bond. Finally, a trained professional uses a fine-finish spray process to apply a hi-tech, durable coating. These coatings are formulated just for bathtubs, sinks, tile and other hard surfaces. Tubby’s topcoat is an isocyanate-free acrylic polymer coating system that is formulated to offer a safer coating system that is VOC compliant and low odor which also will endure high moisture laden environments for extended periods of time. Tubby’s topcoat delivers exceptional dry times, film hardness and chemical and stain resistance. This topcoat is designed to work on a variety of substrates, provides high durability and custom colors are available. That’s it! The topcoat cures in approximately 24 hours and can be ready for use the very next day! Your tub looks and feels like new again and is ready for years of enjoyment!

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