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April 6, 2016   |   Posted by: Admin

Bathtub Refinishing

An old and tired fixture in your bathroom can be such an eyesore.  At first, it seems logical to throw that monstrosity out and look into replacement.  Unfortunately, replacement can cost a fortune in unforeseen expenditures.  Demolition of the area and the fixture, re-plumbing, and then replacing the questionable fixtures and repairing the space; there is a less expensive solution.  Refinishing is by definition – – applying a new finish or new surface to a fixture or an object. Refinishing can, in fact, give your bathroom a completely new look for a fraction of the cost.  Tubby’s Tub and Tile Inc. is your local choice for experienced and professional technicians in the Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City areas.

A question you might ask is ‘How does refinishing work?

There a number of steps to achieve a new looking tub, shower, vanity, or tile enclosure.  The first step is preparation and is in my personal opinion the most important step.  You can have the best product out there but without proper prep work – it will fail.  Our technicians remove old caulk from the fixtures and sand said fixtures to remove anything that might otherwise compromise the finish.  Our technicians then use a three-part cleaning system to ensure that the tub and/or shower is ready for its fresh face.  We take care to make sure that the area is properly taped off to protect your other bathroom surfaces.  This is all necessary to ensure that our job is done right the first time and then we can begin the resurfacing process.

It begins when we apply the primer to help the new surface adhere.  Some companies use an acid to etch the surface of your fixture, they do this to create a mechanical bond between their product and the tub.  At Tubby’s Tub and Tile Inc., we do not use an acid etch.  Our primer works in place of having to use an acid in your home or rental property.  The primer creates a chemical bond.  We use a porcelain synthetic to ensure the best finish to your fixtures.  Then it is time for your resurfaced tub or shower to harden and cure.

How long before you can use your refinished fixtures? Overall, the drying and curing process takes 24 hours from the time we complete the refinishing process.  During this time, there can be no water on the surface, it will cause issues and ruin the beautiful new finish.  Once everything is dried and cured, you will be amazed at the new look of the whole bathroom.  More than likely you will be tempted to run out a replace your old shower curtain and rugs, which is a nice way to update your bathroom without breaking the bank.

When you’re ready for more information about refinishing your bathtub or shower, give us a call.  702-682-8827.  Tubby’s Tub and Tile Inc. is the experienced and professional crew that you want to work for you.  We also specialize in spot repairs, rust, repairing large crack and holes in your fixtures, and so much more!  We look forward to working with you!