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Cost Of Refinishing Vs. Replacing

November 22, 2019   |   Posted by: Admin

Bathtubs can become worn down for a number of different reasons. Over time some tubs can chip, stain, fade, or show other signs of wear and tear. While others stay in great condition but become outdated in color. Replacing a bathtub can be a big undertaking and it can also be expensive, but refinishing provides a more affordable alternative that will still provide dramatic results for the look of your bathroom.


If you are ready to update your worn down or outdated bathtub, take some time to consider the costs and benefits between refinishing and replacing.


Replacing A Bathtub


Replacing your bathtub may seem like the easiest way to update an old, unsightly, or worn out bathtub, but the job is not as simple or as affordable as you may think.


In order to replace a bathtub, you will first need to pay for demolition and removal of the existing tub. This process could add anywhere from $70 to $150 to the final cost of the project, not to mention the time, work, and mess that comes along with it. By removing the old bathtub, you also risk damaging flooring or tiling on the walls creating an additional cost for fixing or replacing either.


To replace a tub, you will also need to hire a plumber who is able to, at a minimum, disconnect and then reattach plumbing. Depending on the type of tub you’re removing and the type of tub you’re replacing it with, plumbing needs could become more involved. Hiring a plumber could cost you anywhere from $300 to $1600 depending on the complexity of the project and the hours of labor.


You will also need to factor in the cost of the tub itself, which varies depending on the tub you want. The most basic bathtubs can cost as little as $300 but a better quality bathtub could cost much more, even thousands of dollars. The cost of the tub will be affected by the material, style, and size.


Regardless of the cost of the bathtub itself, you will also need to pay for installation. On average, installation of a new tub could cost up to $3000 depending on the type and size of the bathtub, as well as on the location of the bathroom.


Refinishing A Bathtub


When it’s all added up, replacing a bathtub at the very least could cost you a few thousand dollars, which could take up a significant amount of your budget. In contrast, refinishing a bathtub is much more affordable. On average, refinishing a bathtub typically costs between $200 and $900 depending on the condition, color, and style of the tub.


When you refinish a bathtub, you avoid the additional costs from removal, plumbing, tile repair or replacement, and new tub installation. There is one cost that provides dramatic, long-lasting results. Refinishing allows you to preserve the tub you already have, while still improving its appearance and condition.


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