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Bathtub Care Tips: How To Make Your Refinishing Last Longer!

September 25, 2019   |   Posted by: Admin

Over time,the finish or glaze on a bathtub can wear out leaving behind rust, grime, discoloration, chipping, or even cracks. When this happens, many people look into replacing the tub, but with professional bathtub refinishing you can restore the look and feel of your tub.


Having your bathtub refinished is an easy and effective way to restore its appearance and condition. Bathtub refinishing can be used to rejuvenate a worn dingy tub or revive an outdated, colored one. Refinishing a tub is less expensive than buying a new one, but it still comes at a cost to have it done professionally and done well, making it important to carefully care for your tub in order to keep in it in good condition for years to come.


Whether your bathtub needs to be refinished or has recently been refinished, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you care for the your tub and keep results lasting longer.


Gentle Cleaning After Each Use


It may seem silly to clean your tub every day, but by simply taking a few minutes after each use to rinse and wipe down the tub, you can significantly protect the new finish. Soap buildup and stains can happen quickly and easily, especially if you have to scrub the tub clean. Instead of waiting to clean the tub until you have to scrub it, try cleaning it more often with less elbow grease. After each use, rinse out the tub and wipe it down with a clean cloth. At a minimum, squeegee any remaining water into the drain. Once a week, wipe the tub down with a mild cleanser or liquid soap. These simple steps will save you from a lot of work later and help your refinishing last longer.


Only Use Mild Cleansers


Harsh, abrasive, chemical cleaners and scrubbing pads can scratch or damage the surface of bathtub and weaken the bond of your new refinishing. As the bond is weakened, water and debris can become trapped underneath the refinished coat on the tub. Instead of harsh cleaners or chemicals such as ammonia, bleach, Soft Scrub or Comet, opt for a more mild cleaner such as liquid spray cleanser or even dish soap. You should also be careful to use soft cloths, rags, or cleaning mitts that will not cause scratches.


Avoid Bathing Pets In The Bathtub


Although bathing your pets at home can be more convenient, you should avoid putting your dog or cat in the tub. Regardless if your pet behaves for baths, their claws will scratch the finish on the tub and leave behind debris and hair that can quickly build up. Whenever weather allows, try bathing your pet outside with a hose or find an alternative option so that you are able to protect your tub.


Buy Non-Stick Mats


Bathtub mats are often available with sticky suction cups on the bottom, but the suction could cause damage to the finish on your tub. Suction cups on mats can trap water underneath it and cause mildew to build up, but it can also pull the finish off the tub if the mat is moved. Try to buy tub mats that without suction cups and remove the mat after use to let the tub surface dry.


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